Hosted Payment SDK - With our own custom Checkout

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We have our own custom checkout that works with and ties via API to our SAp B1 accounting system.  We would like to work with Shopify on building a Hosted Payment SDK that will allow us to take our wholesale customer orders and flow them though like our other custom sites.  We are transitioning from another well-known platform for 3 websites.   The inability to automate credit holds and NET30 terms out of the box is a big limitation and a frequent need for a mid-sized wholesale company.

Since we custom-built our non-shopify sites including payment gateways with our API and we currently are tied into the Shopify API for 2 new retail sites we are thinking this could be a solution for us and allow us not to scrap Shopify as a wholesale option. 

That said the form to fill our for Hosted Payment SDK seems not the exact fit based on the questions being asked.