How Shopify sides with thieves in ChargeBacks and there is nothing you can do.

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For months now I've had chargebacks and nothing you do will ever protect you. (no CC Authorization Forms, ID's, **bleep**, ect. Nothing can help you.  You will always lose, even if they start a claim six months later)

Shopify will always send you some very lame, idiotic copy paste email while claiming that the Fraud Analysis showed some degree of fraud was likely. Yet, they will never answer why legitimate orders get flagged as fraud. At this time you have two choices they are both bad and Shopify claims zero accountability. 

1. You may let the customer know that they are flagged as fraud and you won't be fulfilling their order, face their anger on social media and everywhere else, look like an idiot, and lose a sale. 

2. Ship order and hope they don't open a ChargeBack. If they do, no matter what, You will lose Merchandise, Shipping, Employee Wages and to add insult to injury a $15.00 fee. Yes on top of all the previously stated loss, they charge you! 

Since they don't have an answer for me, they bounce emails from one to the other with the same text that's posted on here. Copy & Paste Thoughts and Prayers. The level of unaccountability is sickening a typical corporate behavior when they are too big to even care what happens to the small sellers. 

Good luck and I hope that you are able to sort these things out without all the financial loss and aggravation Shopify has given me.