How can I charge a per item shipping rate without weight or by order price?

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Hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to word this as easy-to-understand as possible so hopefully this question makes sense.


I have a shop that sells greeting cards, notebooks, and wall art. To make things easier for my shop, I have set up flat shipping rates based on order price, like this:


$125.00 and upFree


This may be impossible, but is there a way in FLAT SHIPPING (not calculated rates) to charge just by the number of items AND not have to use weight calculations or by order price for shipping charges?

For example, if a customer orders 10 greeting cards and they add up to $100, it may not cost me the $9.85 I have set up. But if someone buys wall art that adds up to $100, it probably will cost me more than the $9.85. I could refund the customer the extra postage they may have been charged, but would prefer not to have to do that. I know in places like Etsy, etc. you can add an "additional item" charge to listings. Is this possible in Shopify?

Thanking everyone in advance for any help!

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