How can I view a list of my purchased shipping labels?

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I like to tally up the amount of money I spend on shipping for orders purchased through Shopify every day. Is there any way to view all my purchased shipping labels and how much they cost for orders placed on a certain day? Possibly in a spreadsheet or through an app? Thanks!

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I would also like a solve for this. The only way I've found is to go to the Billing History page, open the Shopify Billing Statement for each month then click where it says "x shipping fees" for a list of each shipping charge. 

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This is a feature that is necessary for financial and accounting reconciliations. 

Is there a report that shows all shipping labels that were printed, paid for, cancelled, and refunded?

Without one, I can't reconcile the Shipping Label Fees that are charged to my credit card every month along with the other Shopify service fees.