How do I add a message that when product out of stock

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How do I add a message that when product out of stock:

that when product is zero quantity and hence out of stock there is a 3-4 week delivery time with shipping costs waived (free);

Shopify staff said the only way is to add html code because they could not find any apps;



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Hey, Irene!

Stephanie here from Shopify.

We have a doc that includes a step by step guide to add a message when a product is out of stock! Here's the direct link -

Hope this helps! :)


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This works for items with only one variant.  Is there a way to do this for multiple variants?  So when a variant is selected it either says "in stock" or "out of stock - Will ship in 1-2 weeks"  This topic has been posted so many times on this forum and there is no clear answer!!!

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I'm having the same challenge. Were you able to figure this out? 

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Having the same issues as well. All of the support threads just get closed without resolution. 

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We are using an older theme, Minimal, that is supported by Shopify. I contacted them and they added a badge "Sold Out" similar to the Sale badge. It automatically shows when inventory is out. You can see it at the bottom of our page

Hope this helps

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We also need this feature. I just had Chat conversation with Shopify team and they give standard reply: " this is not a feature we currently offer. I can certainly put in a request to have this feature added...  I will send this up to our development team. The more requests that are received for a feature like this, the more likely it is to be developed. It can take quite some time before a request is actioned. New features are usually updated on the Shopify Blog."


And now we wait ;)

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Hi Stephanie_R,


We need to add a message when a product is out of stock, not to remove it.

The message would be something like:

Item not in stock - Available in 5 days to shipping!


Item not in stock - Available after order in 15 days.


Any developments around this hot feature?

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C'mon Shopify, wake up! We need solution for this problem now!

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Some tweaks to the theme would be an option. Is that not a path you can take? The theme determines the UI that the customer sees.

  • For example a tag on a product defines the replenishment time.
  • Variant becomes out of stock and the code checks for the tag. If it know how long to show to the customer.
  • Some extra work need to make sure that product tag is removed from any filtering lists.

If all the products have the same replenishment time it's easier.

  • Variant selected is out of stock so the theme code shows the default message you set. It may not even need theme mods if your theme already has a language/translation setting for out of stock message. You'd change the "out of stock" text to read "back in 3 weeks".
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