How do I add two fulfillment centres for 1 product?

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I am struggling to work out a way to fulfil my orders that are stocked in two third party fulfillment centres.

Not sure if I'm missing something obvious...
I have half my stock in the UK with a third party fulfillment centre, & the other half of my stock that I am managing myself in Australia (although will be outsourcing to an Australian fulfillment centre in a couple of months).


I understand you have the "Locations" functionality, but this comes with problems:
1. It doesn't seem to have the option to add a custom fulfillment centre as a location and therefore they will not receive the order to be fulfilled (unless there is a different way to set them up as a location?)
2. It appears you don't have the functionality to automate which fulfillment centre is used based directly on the customer's location


On the other hand, if I switch and manage my inventory to a custom fulfillment centre, it only lets me pick 1 centre per product. I basically need to have 2 fulfillment centres attached to one product, and based on the customer's location, the relevant fulfillment centre receives the order.

Not sure if I'm missing something obvious? But I'm going live in 48 hours & would like to get this sorted ASAP! Any advice would be hugely appreciated :)


Thank you!






Shipping can certainly get complicated, but if you're open to using an app, Intuitive Shipping gives you as many origins as you would like, and can also be set to ship from a designated warehouse based on customer location. If you have any questions about it, or are curious, I'd be happy to help! If this is strictly for the fulfilment, you may need help from something like EasyShip or Shipstation in order to have the appropriate labels created, as Shopify initially only allows for one origin.





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