How do I find out if a dropshipping product I`m offering is still available at Etsy

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This may sound weird, but I have added some dropshipping items from Etsy to my store and I can't find the link to the suppliers. I`m afraid I`ll start selling the products just to find out they are not being offered by the original suppliers anymore. Can anyone shed a light on the topic, please

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Hi @JStarling! Gabby here from Spocket's Community Engagement team.


A couple of months have passed since you posted this so not sure if you've found the answer to your inquiry, but I'm gonna go ahead and give my input anyway.


I'm not really sure how the Etsy team updates users on their platform about product statuses, but with Spocket, usually emails are sent out to you. Such emails contain updates on the current status of the products you have which you imported from Spocket's catalog on your store. Our Suppliers team also regularly sends out reminders to the suppliers on the platform to update their product listings. So if this is something that you're looking for, Spocket might be a platform you'd want to consider exploring.




Just a quick overview, Spocket is a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of suppliers from the EU and the US. This entails you being given access to products that are of great quality and have efficient and reliable shipping policies. You can find out more about the many features Spocket can offer you by hopping on over to the official website!