How do I set up shipping to use Printful's rates?

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I need to override Shopify's shipping, because Printful takes care of that as they do the fulfillment. I have a list from Printful, but once I get into the shipping section of my site, it becomes seriously overwhelming.

Is there a step by step tutorial anywhere? I can't seem to find anything helpful.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bunches!

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Hey there!

I'm Justin, one of the Gurus here at Shopify!

Checking into Printful's shipping rates here (scroll down a bit), you can see they have per item shipping, with a price that varies based on which item they purchase (T-shirt, vs sweater vs poster for example). The first T-shirt, for example, is $5.00 in the US, and each shirt after would be an additional $0.75.

To set this up in Shopify, you would have to set your weights a bit differently than normal. Generally, you set the exact weight of the product, and it all gets added together, but since Printful has per item shipping, you will want to set weights as an item increment.

For example, if you set all items to be 0.2lbs, then you can create shipping rates in your shipping settings that look like:

1 Item Shipping - 0.2lbs-0.2lbs - $5.00

2 Item Shipping - 0.4lbs-0.4lbs - $5.75

3 Item Shipping - 0.6lbs-0.6lbs - $6.50 and so on...

Where this becomes a bit tricky, is if you're offering more than just t-shirts, as each item has specific pricing, so you could try to find an average to set manually and risk being +/- for some shipping charges.

I would look into using an app like Vendor Shipping Rules to easily implement the per-item shipping for accuracy during checkout though. :)

All the best,

Justin L


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