How does tracking work with shopify?

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we want to ship goods in Canada and the US and would like to provide our customers with tracking information about their orders automatically via email.

But I am not sure if I have understood everything in detail.


  • For a received order I can buy a shipping label via shopify shipping e.g. at DHL or USPS. My customer will automatically receive an email notification of the purchase.
  • I put this shipping label on the shipping box
  • As soon as DHL or USPS scan the barcode my customer can track the delivery of his order

Is this right?

Shopify seems to be able to offer tracking out of the box. However, there are also additional apps for tracking. For which purpose are these additional tracking apps needed?

Thank you



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Hi, rhodes,


If you only want to send a tracking number to your customers, Shopify will do the job for you. Shopify will send your customer an email with tracking number. Your customer will know the package is shipped and what's the tracking number from this email.


But if you want your more tracking information, like out for delivery, delivered, Failed attempt, exception (custom hold, etc.). A third party tracking app from Shopify store is necessary.


This tracking app is a good one:



All shipment status is sorted into 5 cases. This app will send emails when shipping status changes, according to your setting.


The email can be sent to sellers and buyers both. You're doing Canada and US. So maybe should send exception email to yourself.



And the email content is customized.


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Yes, you are right. Shopify sends a tracking email to your customer which will contain the tracking number and the order status page link. Once your customer clicks on the tracking number, they will find the tracking details. Also, for default Shopify carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc, Shopify will be sending the out for delivery and delivered email as well. 

You will have to use a tracking app like Shipment tracking & notify, if you want to send tracking details to your customers for other carriers. Also, using the app, you can create a "track your order" page for your customers from where they can track their orders.

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hei! What if i can't manualy add a tracking numer because i ve changed my dropshipping platform? i was using oberlo and now i switch to cj and i can t find a way to manually add a tracking number for those orders. how can i do that? thanks

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Is it possible to resend a email to a customer with the tracking number?


the customer haven't received it at all and does not show in the order timeline.