How much "Shopify Payments" ?

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Hello everyone,


I read following page,

But, I couldn't understand...


Basic Plan $29, 

is this, "Shopify payment" pricing ? 

or, "Shopify" pricing ?


If I used Shopify and Shopify Payments,
for example

  A: $29 + 3.4%
  B: $29 + $29 + 3.4%

How much? 


I'm not good at English...sorry.

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Don here from Shopify!

I can shed some light on our pricing and the pricing of Shopify Payments for you here. :)

The first thing to understand; the dollar prices here on our pricing page are for your subscription to Shopify itself, not related to the use of Shopify Payments.

You would pay this charge monthly (or annually) for the use of the Shopify platform and all of its in0built functionality. :)

There is no subscription charge for the use of Shopify Payments, though you would pay credit card processing rates when using this as your credit card gateway as outlined on the pricing page.

So, if your store is based in one of the supported countries for Shopify Payments you can apply to use Shopify Payments in your store. :)

Let's take an example where your store is on the Basic Shopify ($29 USD/month) plan and you have a customer who orders $100 worth of goods from your online store.

If that was the only order that month your Shopify invoice would include a charge for $29USD for your Shopify subscription plus 2.9% (of $100)+ 30¢ in credit card rates ($2.90 + 30c = $3.20) for the order that was processed for a total of $32.20 in this example. :)

I trust this has cleared up the situation a little for you, though you can feel free to post any follow-up questions you might have here and we will get back to you ASAP!

All the best. :)


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Dear Don,


I could understand pricing very much.

Thank you!


Hi hosoya919,

I can understand your issue with Shopify plans pricing question. English is not my native language as well, so let me try to explain to you.

By default Shopify will charge you about $29 vs $79 vs $299 per month depending on the Shopify plan you choose. However, you need to take into account that for each transaction there is the "transaction fee" which applied to your successful transaction.


Here is the example, let's say you use Shopify Basic plan ($29).

You sell a product $100 USD. I buy your product online with my credit / debit card so I pay your store fully $100. But on your side you'll receive $100 - 2.9% (online transaction fee, in this example $2.9) - $0.30 = $96.8.


I have additionally wrote the article explaining the pricing structure of Shopify plans, if want to understand fully read more my blog post.

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