How to Setup Tiered Shipping Rates by Distance

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Hi I badly need help.  My online store has multiple suppliers from different locations.  Given that, I setup a "hub" per cluster.  I have 3 hubs to be exact: Hub A, Hub B, Hub C.  There are products exclusive to a "hub" and I need to get the shipping calculation from HUB as the SOURCE, not my main HQ.   Calculation method should be based on range of distance from the product hub.


Short Distance [1-8km]: PhP 120.00

Medium Distance [8.1-12km]: PhP 150.00

Long Distance [>12km]: PhP 199.00


I used Zapiet "By the Distance" app, but seems that it could only manage 1 location.   I tried Intuitive Shipping, but it is so sophisticated that I cannot get it work! :(

Please! I am so frustrated. :(  Thanks!