How to Split and Seperate Shipping for a specific Product

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We sell gift baskets and boxes online along with many other things also. Having a couple issues as we want to be able to split out specific items that have to ship and calculate shipping seperately. Basically, we are trying to set it up so that if a customer purchases 6 gift baskets and wants to over night these, then it is will ship one box for each basket and charge shipping for each box. Any input or suggestions helpful. thank you


Hey there,

It sounds like our shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping, would be a great fit for your needs. You can set Intuitive Shipping to calculate the shipping for your Gift Baskets separately for each Gift Basket, and then set how you want the shipping for the rest of the order to be calculated. We have dozens of merchants who currently use us for shipping setups just like yours since niche shipping needs like this can't be created in Shopify's built-in shipping calculation options. 

I encourage you to reach out to us at with a full overview of your desired shipping set up so we can give you instructions on exactly how to set this up in the app.

Some questions to consider:
- Do you want your Gift Baskets to be calculated via live rates or a flat rate per basket?
- How do you want the shipping for your other items to be calculated? Do you want a live rate calculation, or a flat rate based on cart weight or cart total?
- Are there any other special considerations to know about?

Please keep in mind that with any third-party shipping calculation app on Shopify, you’re required to have Carrier Calculated Rates added to your account. If you’re on the Advanced plan or higher, it’s included, but if you’re on the Basic or Shopify plan, you can have it added to your plan a-la-carte for $20/month or for free if you switch to annual billing, which also saves you 10% on your Shopify subscription. You can contact Shopify to get this feature added to your plan.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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