How to Unfulfilled one or few voucher in a Fulfilled order?

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We are looking for a solution to the below scenario:
1. The user makes a purchase of 4 vouchers in an order.
2. The user spent the 2 vouchers at the vendor shop. (So, suppose the order became partially fulfilled.)
3. The vendor makes a mistake by redeeming all 4 vouchers from the user.( So, the order became fulfilled.)
4. The user and vendor request to Ops for a cancellation of the 2 used vouchers.
5. The ops couldn't find any way to do it via the Shopify store interface/app.
6. The ops requested the tech team to create a tool that can invoke Shopify API to achieve the cancellation of two used vouchers.
7. The tech team searching for a solution and advise how to best do it?

Any idea?

Thank you.