How to add an additional input during payment

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Hi shopify guru,


How can I add an additional input during payment like this?  By searching around the only answer I found is to become a shopify plus member. Is that really the "only" option?

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Hi There!

The only thing you can try is to enable this setting in "Settings"->"Checkout", if that doesn't work then yes you would need Shopify Plus to add custom fields and include custom scripts and events.


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There's another problem:

I enabled the field for additional information. It worked when I open the checkout page.

Then I placed a test order with additional information (Resident ID Number).

I opened the order detail page in the orders admin. Additional information was on the right side of page.

However when I refresh the page, additional information was gone.

The checkbox for additional information also got unchecked automatically.



Step 1: Enable fields for additional information

Step 1Step 1


Step 2: Fill out checkout information

Step 2Step 2



Step 3: Place order

Step 3Step 3


Step 4: Order was placed

Step 4Step 4

Step 5: Open orders admin page

Step 5Step 5


Step 6: Open the order detail page (Additional Information was on the right side)

Step 6Step 6



Step 7: Refresh the order detail page (Additional Information was gone)

Step 7Step 7


Step 8: Checkbox got unchecked automatically


Step 8Step 8