How to add payment objects for a checkout in alternative payment methods and third party payments

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We have PayPal, third party payment methods, alternative payment methods and manual payment methods.

I found that the third party payment and the alternative payment do not create payments in their checkouts.


In alternative payment methods, we follow the instruction of "Hosted Payment SDK" guide. But it doesn't mention how to generate a payment object.


Without payment objects, it would cause some scenarios:

1. The "refund" button of order information page is replaced by "restock" after the order is "paid" and "fulfilled"(shown as figures below).

2. We can still generate refunds for these orders but cannot calculate transactions of their refunds.

3. And the order financial status would still "paid" instead of "refunded" or "partially_refunded" after we create refunds successfully with API.


We hope we can detect the correct financial status of orders, so we try to generate payments for checkouts by alternative and third party payment. But I don't exactly know how to do it. Or is there any other methods to make our orders show "refunded" status after refund object created? 


figure 1: An order paid with a manual payment has a "refund" button



figure 2: An order paid with an alternative payment has a "restock" button



Thanks a lot.