How to automatically send invoice per email to customer

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Some of our customers would like to have the invoice sent per email when they place an order. Is there anyway to do that with Shopify without having to print the invoice with order printer and send it manually?

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Hey there Mathilde!

Justin here from the Shopify Support Team! Thanks so much for reaching out to us :-D

Have you heard of the Order Printer Emailer App yet?

It's a pretty awesome app, it's free and allows auto-send of Invoices through the Order Emails your customers are already receiving :)

Let me know if you have any other questions at all ! 


Justin | Shopify Support Guru

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Hi Mathilde,

I'm Bjorn, the creator of Order Printer Emailer that Justin mentions above. Do let me know if any questions come up, or you need anything else :)

Kind regards,

Ps. It's completely 100% free, with no strings attached. I created it becuase I got the same question you had from a lot of my Order Printer Templates customers, and I thought it would be a nice thing to give back to the community.

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Hi Mathilde,

You can also have a look at our app Sufio.

It can automatically send invoices to your customers, or you can include links to invoices to your default Order Confirmation emails sent by Shopify.

Hope this helps,

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Hey Bjorn! Dropshippers from India have an issue with taxes - In some scenarios we need to bill a 9% SGST charge + 9% CGST charge for products, and in other scenarios we need to bill a 18% IGST charge. I've set these rules in my Shopify account and have chosen to include the taxes in the product cost so customers aren't surprised when they see taxes added on checkout.

Can the Order Printer Emailer app create invoices using the same terminology (IGST/SGST/CGST) and create invoices based on the rules I've set with Shopify - Split taxes 9%+9% if customer is based at X location, Charge 18% if customer is based at Y location?

Hope my question makes sense.

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Found it. 


Hi Mathilde, 
Our Mega PDF Invoice Generator app creates and sends PDF invoices over email automatically. In case if not all customers need to receive emails with invoices, you can simply disable the app and manually trigger invoice sending only for certain orders (there is an easy to use page for this in app's admin).