How to disable Combined shipping rate at checkout?

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Hi @Folia_House 


Ive had a similar issue myself, I use Royal Mail to ship my products as I find it the cheapest for me, also all of my products are super light but can be awkward sizes so the weight of things doesn’t help me at all when shipping. 

I have over come this though by just making up the weight of my products and then setting conditions of the size on the different shipping rates. 
For example my rates are set as “large letter”, “small parcel” and “large parcel” so I’ve set the conditions to be:

large letter - 0lb-10lb

small parcel -11lb-20lb

Large parcel - 21lb -30lb.


...and then I’ve set the weight of my products to fit within this 

so for example If I sell keyring, I could fit 4 of in a small parcel so I have set the weight to 2.5lb. 

this won’t work for everyone but it is an option.


hope this helps. 

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I'm not sure how this "solves" the problem at all.

Our use-case is a bit different but still needs to have separate shipping profiles displayed on individual lines in the checkout process AND in the shopify admin.

My client sells mattresses and the shipping is free on all products. However, California and 2 other states mandate an extra "Recycling Fee" on all mattresses shipped to their states. This fee MUST be displayed as its own line item to the user AND on the invoices (just in case they are audited). Since these fees are only on certain products in their store and only required by 3 states, we couldn't find an App to do what we needed. Instead, we used a custom shipping profile and added in our own text over the shipping copy in shopping cart.

This solves the problem until someone from California orders a mattress AND a non-mattress item. When that happens the invoice in the Shopify Admin simply reads "shipping" instead of "State Recycling Fee". Now we're back to trying to figure out how to get that line to display the right text on the order screen in the shopify admin area.

Very frustrated that something so simple is causing such a headache. 

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I'm astounded that this is marked as "solved" with an accepted solution. It certainly isn't solved.

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Please pass on to your team that combining the shipping rates is an absolute nuisance.

If you ship orders in separate parcels from separate locations then there are separate shipping timescales that the customer needs to know about. So combining the shipping rates leads to many customer complaints as they think their order is missing items. 

Adding a toggle to switch between combined and segmented orders would be common sense. 

Please implement this ASAP.

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Also just here to +1 this. It's absolutely nuts that it combines the shipping rates.

My store has 10+ shipping profiles due to the assortment of goods being shipped, and I manage my own delivery and the costs involved are complicated.

This has a huge impact on my business, maybe it's time for WooCommerce. 

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It is not solved and using 3rd party paid app to solve it. I downloaded it and I had to do settings on each of my products. Seriously... Shopify, do something about it. 

I have customers buying product from 3 different profiles and charges 3 different shippings.

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I waited literal years for Shopify to integrate categorized shipping profiles as opposed to having to create my profiles based on item weight - and now they haven't and apparently can't address this simple problem?? If an order contains items from multiple profiles, the shipping cost should default to the most expensive profile. Instead I have customers leaving their carts when they find out they are being charged up to four separate shipping costs. This is ridiculous. Etsy has had this figured out for years, so it really can't be that hard. Shopify needs to address this issue.


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Another +1 here.

The apps solution doesn't work. In my case I have my items at multiple locations one fulfilment centre (location A), one POD (location B).

My problem is Shopify combines the postage rates when people have items from each of the locations in their basket. In simple terms;

- Fulfilment centre $5

- POD $5

Customer sees Shipping $10

I am happy for the customer to pay just $5 when they have items from each location.

The apps don't work as they only get location based line items, not the entire order. I was hoping to use Advanced Shipping Rules for example to say; 

POD delivery = $0 when order contains items from Fulfilment Cent

I was hoping to use the app to set a rule to say something like; when basket had items from location A and location B set POD delivery to $0.



I really hope Shopify implement a solution soon.

It seems such a simple option; "don't combine shipping costs show lowest/highest option".

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hi @dan532 what's your store URL? I may have suggestion for you after I review the checkout experience.

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Hi - it's