How to export exact payment options when using Shopify Payments?

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Hi there,


we are running our Shopify store and using Shopify Payments as well as PayPal Express. Within Shopify Payments, we activated credit card payment, "Klarna Pay Now" and "Klarna Pay Later". It works fine, no issues.


However, we'd like to analyse our statistics, but when exporting the orders as a .csv, the column with the payment option only reports either "Shopify Payments" or "PayPal Express". But we would like to know how many customers exactly paid with credit card, with "Pay Now" or with "Pay Later" (not only Shopify Payments as a summary of these options). For the moment, the only way we to access that information is to go through all orders within Shopify, where it is listed in the detailed payment section per order. Obviously not a good process the more orders we get ;-)


I guess I am just missing something as we are likely not the only ones in need of that information? Any help is appreciated.




Hi JB,


This info might be retrievable from the transaction data when using the Shopify API (


We have an app, EZ Exporter, that can retrieve the full transaction data from the API.  We have a feature that can then search that raw transaction data and just extract specific fields and place them in separate columns in a CSV or Excel export.


If you'd like to try it out, I can look into your transaction data to see if the information you need is there and possibly set up a custom template for you so you can run automated exports with this data already included.

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