How to fix link order to a specific 3PL warehouse from Shopify Store

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Hello we are a warehousing service company and we have as WMS Software (FISHBOWL) we have a customer who has a business on Shopify, we have acquired a plugin to allow Fishbowl to connect and import Shopify from the customer to receive orders from prepared and that it can also follow the inventories in stock and these shipments. We have a problem on receiving an order, let me explain. The customer also uses another warehouse like us in the USA and we are not in Canada, when he creates his order in Shopify and he assigned to our warehouse we will receive the order in our Fishbowl software, but we will also receive the other orders. assigned to the other warehouse. so if we have the same Sku in stock we will receive the assigned orders to the other warehouse as well which could create a situation because if we are not able to receive only the assigned orders to our warehouse and we prepare and ship a order which had to be completed by the warehouse in the USA (problem !!!). We took the time to discuss with our WMS provider Fishbowl who tell us that we cannot fix this problem, he mentions that it comes from the Shopify API which does not allow you to make these choices  he mentions (Location ID), So my question is is it really because of the API that does not allow or is there a way that Fishbowl only imports our assigned orders from Shopify?

If someone can help me because I am not a programmer but I find that it does not make sense, there must be a solution ???

Thank you to those who will take the time to help me

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The issue isn't with Fishbowl but with the integration between it and Shopify. In Shopify you can split orders between different fulfilment locations so only the orders or orderlines that have been assigned to your warehouse should be sent to Fishbowl. It sounds like the integration you are using is passing all orders into Fishbowl. Check with the plugin provider if they can change it otherwise if you need someone to create the correct data flow we are happy to help. We specialise in connecting our users to their platforms. As we already have in depth Shopify integration we would just need to connect Fishbowl and map the correct orders. My email is if you would like to discuss further.



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