How to get carrier and tracking URL correct both in email and web interface?

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It seems that Shopify uses a predefined list of carriers with hardcoded tracking URLs, and there is no way to change it. 

For example, if the carrier is DHL the tracking URL will always be the one on

In reality, however, DHL (as well as other listed carriers) may have other tracking URLs such as

I noticed there is a work around for shipping confirmation email:

But how about the fulfillment history on the Shopify web site? If I click on the "We successfully fulfilled 1 line item" link in a order's history, it expands and give me the wrong tracking URL. Is there a way to put the right carrier name (instead of "Other") and tracking URL there?



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I would like to know how to resolve this as well.

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I would like to know this as well because I predominatly use Collect+ in the UK and selecting "Other" just means I have to email customers seperately to let them know who it's been sent with.

I'm also using the nifty Aftership application which tracks all my packages across couriers, and does support Collect+. However, again, I have to input Collect+ codes manually as it's unable to read the information if shopify doesn't give Collect+ as a courier option.

Thanks for any info in advance!


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The important thing here is to check whether you are shipping with DHL Express or DHL Globalmail. Shopify provides support for DHL Express and hence the tracking numbers are always referenced via 


Another option as mentioned here is to select "Other" option and giving the URL you want while fulfilling the orders. If this doesn't work, you can try the Shipment tracking & notify app. When you select the "Other" option and provide the tracking link, the app automatically identifies the carrier and sends tracking information to the customers accordingly.

When your customer clicks on the tracking link, the app will show the "order status" page, from where they can see the status of their order.

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