How to implement an approval step before orders goes into Shipstation queue

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We need a way to keep orders from automatically going into the shipping queue in shipstation. Basically we need a sales manager to be able to approve every order before our warehouse ships it out, as these are high dollar items and often there are special requirements before shipping. We also triple check for fraud.

We want the shipstation queue to be clean, meaning that every order present there should be shipped immediately.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? It seems that out of the box Shopify simply marks payment status "paid" and those orders go into Shipstation.

One workaround is that we manually capture payments and use that as our approval process but that presents its own problems for our workflow/accounting and we cannot do that. 

Another workaround is to use the customer notes field to say something like "approved" which is then visible in the shipstation order notes, but that does not help our goal of keeping the queue in Shipstation clean and presents opportunities for mistakes on both ends. 

Thanks for any help you can give!

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As an app developer I would love this ability to add an additional custom status to an order. My ID verification app introduces a new stage after checkout and before fulfillment where the customer is required to verify their ID.

Unfortunately the best I can do for my merchants now is to add a custom tag & note on the order, but to add a custom status to the order would be very helpful for them to see what stage the order is truly on.

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Hi @drewk 

Can you give me a little bit more details on your fulfillment process with shipstation? There are a lot of ways to fulfill orders for shipment and a lot of it depends on how you want to configure Shopify to work for your fulfillment logistics.


Once I get a clear idea, I can perhaps give you some idea of what our other clients are doing with their automated fulfillment logistics while being able to filter out bad orders manually or automaticaly. 

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