How to limit shipping costs when multiple items of the same type are ordered

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My problem is this: one of the things I sell are posters, which have to be sent in poster tubes. Now, if a customer orders 1 poster, shipping is £2.80, which is fine. If a customer orders 2 posters, however, shipping is £5.60 (i.e. £2.80 x 2). I can fit up to 5 posters into a single tube, and so do not want the postage to be calculated on a per item basis in this case, else the costs of ordering multiple posters becomes prohibitively expensive.

So, is there a solution to this problem? Say, a way to specify that, if ordering items of a certain type, after the first one no extra shipping costs are incurred until the 6th product of that type is in the order (as in this case I can fit 5 posters into one tube)?

Is there any way to do this in shopify itself, or via an app? I have read a little bit about the parcelify app, but am not clear on whether it offers such a feature.




Hey John!

You can do this with our shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping. How you set it up will depend on how you calculate shipping for your products (i.e. live rates, price based, weight based etc.). If you shoot me an email at, we can guide you on how to get this set up in the app.

In regards to Parcelify, I recommend reaching out to their support team to see if you can set this up in their app. We offer a free 14-day trial for Intuitive Shipping, which is unlimited in testing mode, so there's no risk in trying it out :)

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