How to make a Shipping Rate but Add 1$ per extra pound?

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im looking for a way to either 1. Set a flat rate but every other order you add $X
 2. Weight base - i have for example 10 different weights but after say 5 pounds every pound after that it adds 1$ to it

so say 5 pounds in 6$ to ship if you do 6 pounds it adds and extra dollar you do 7 pounds its do 6 + 1 + 1 since now there is 2 extra pounds?
any way to do this? without having to make 1000 different shipping rates?


If you want to set this up quickly and easily, you will need a third-party shipping calculation app. Ours, Intuitive Shipping, is capable of this type of setup, and it will require maybe 5 minutes of your time to get set up. Since it appears you are just starting out, however, you’re better off carving out some time now to get this setup using Shopify’s standard shipping calculation options. As you start to scale and your shipping needs become more complex, or you find you are having to go in an change your flat rates a lot, then I recommend giving Intuitive Shipping a go.

Best of luck, Tony!

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Hi Tony, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question and just to follow up from Sharon a little further. What you are looking to do seems quite customized and not possible from the Shopify admin natively and would require the use of an app. Another possible ap option to look into is Better Shipping. It could be worth reaching out to them directly from the link here to see if it does exactly what you are describing above. 

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