How to remove the shipping options when FREE Shipping amount is reached???

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Trying to remove other shipping method from displaying when cart reached an amount that offers free shipping.

As of now, when my cart reach 49$ we offer free shipping...stil, at checkout there is the option to shipping method based on weight.

How do i remove it? Woudl like to display only free shipping option when amount is reached.

Thank you


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Hi there Christian!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for posting your query here on our merchant forums. :)

From what you have outlined here, in order to only present your free shipping rate and remove the weight based options you would need to look at adding a shipping app to your store.

You can check out Better Shipping for this first to see if this would handle your needs.

If not, then take a look at Bespoke Shipping, which can allow for some pretty complex customisations; though it does require some coding ability to set up the rules you wish to apply.

For both of these apps, you would need to have access to our carrier rates service. We can add this to your plan for $20 USD/month or activate it for free if you pay your Shopify subscription annually. :)

Have a look at the apps in the store there and maybe reach out to the app developers using the contact form or email address listed on the app store pages if you have any questions about how their app might be able to assist in your case.

Best of luck with everything here!


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Hello John, 


Is there a way to do this through adding a code? I don't want to invest in an app yet? Is there a way to customise this in the team?