How to restrict shipping on certain items by country?

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Due to international shipping laws, some of my products cannot be shipped internationally without a lot of extra paperwork and money, however other products are able to be shipped internationally without issue.  I need something to allow me to disable shipping on some items outside of the United States but not disable other items.  Seems a little silly this functionality isn't built into Shopify already.


Am I better off cloning a second Shopify store for this and just market those specific items internationally on there or is there a good app solution? I do not want my US customers to be impacted in any way.

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Hi, @KuphJr


Rae from Shopify here. Thanks for posting this question. 


Shipping can be a challenging aspect to set up on an online store, so I’d love to help out with this. 


Since most of your products are eligible to be shipped internationally and there are just a few products with restrictions, your store may benefit from having per-product shipping rates set up. These rates can be used to generate pricing rules and eligibility for shipping certain products to different countries, so it would help prevent specific products from being ordered internationally, while not impacting your American customers. 


In order to set up these shipping rules, we will first need to enable a feature on your account called carrier calculated shipping rates. There are a few ways that we can add this feature to your store, depending on which plan you’re currently on. For more information on this, please reach out to our Guru team here to discuss the options on your account. 


Once you have the carrier calculated shipping rates feature enabled, we will then need to look into using an app like Better Shipping or Advanced Shipping Rules to create the per-product shipping rate rules. These rules will prevent certain products from being purchased internationally, while still allowing these same products to be ordered domestically. 


I know you also mentioned cloning your store as a way to get around this set up, and while this is possible, this option would incur additional costs associated with paying for a second subscription plan, buying a second domain, additional marketing campaigns on a second account, etc. I recommend weighing up the costs of doing this, compared to the costs of using apps, to decide which option will work best for your store. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions about this and I would be glad to help further.

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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