How to set conditions depending dimensional/real weight?

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How can I set conditions of what shipping price to show my customer depending on dimensional shipping and the weight of the package?

something like what Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce does, in which if the dimensional weight is bigger than the product weight the shipping price changes.
if it is not possible using default Shopify options, is there a plugin that covers that part (no matter if payment required)?

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I have been looking and can not find anything for dimensional shipping. You would think a company the size of Shopify would have this as #1 on the list as all shippers have moved to dimensional weight shipping. If you find anything please let me know.

For others that might not know what dimensional shipping is.

We need to be able to enter the length, Width and height along with a weight for UPS, Fed X and others to correctly calculate the shipping amount. As an example there could be a product that sells for only $20 that is 3 pounds but the box size is 50*8*12. In this case the freight will be $43 via UPS ground. But if I feed the system only the weight of three pound box, shipping would be $8. No matter how many I sell I can't make up that loss in volume I am sure Shopify has large volume clients needing and or using this but I can't find them.