How to set up Flat Rate Shipping BASED on PER ITEM

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Hi Guys 


Need help setting up shipping . My model is as follows:

I charge a flat rate for shipping per Item.

 I have 4 suppliers.

With  suppliers 1 & 2  I dispatch directly from the suppliers using my own shipping company.

With  supplier 3 , The orders are also dispatched from the supplier’s warehouse. However, I use their shipping company to deliver the orders.

With  supplier 4 , the orders  will be delivered  to me by the supplier from their warehouse. And I will ship the orders to my customers using my own shipping company.

I operate from one shipping zone or one country only. The reason my delivery fee is based on per item, is due to the dropshipping with suppliers 1,2 and 3. It eliminates the  shipping problem of customers buying items that are delivered from different suppliers/ locations.

How do I set this up on Shopify.