How to set up Twint plugin so it can be used for checkout paiements via smartphones

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I installed Twint on my Shopify store few months ago and it comes up it is really complicated for the customer to use this payment method if they place their order from a smartphone. Customers don't understand what they have to do once they get to the stage where they are supposed to choose their bank. I contacted the Twint after-sales service and this is how they answered me :

"Please note that this situation is not a problem but a question of the settings on your Shopify plugin. If you want your customers - who regularly pay from their smartphone - to be forwarded from your website directly to their TWINT application for payment and then back to your website, it is necessary to set up your plugin.

Please ask Shopify for an explanation on how to set up the "Web2App Switch". They will be able to guide you through the settings".

I already sent an email to shopify support but the person I got in contat with answer me that he couldn't find any functionality that allows to do that. Can someone please help me with that ? Knowing that about 90% of the purchases that are placed in my store are done using a smartphone, this is a real issue. Swiss customers all want to use Twint and when they can't find out what to do they give up on their purchase.

So does anyone know how to set up the plugin, if this is even possible?

Thank you in advance for your time and your help and have a nice day.



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I just wanted to let you know that we implemented ”Web2App Switch" on our Shopify TWINT Gateway.
Customer are now able to use a button to open their TWINT App, this means no copy of any code anymore.

If you are interested in this you will find all needed Information on following website:

Let me know if I can assist you with any other needs.

BTW: This TWINT Gateway is the cheapest one, we only charge a yearly fee which is 120 CHF (excl. VAT), we don't take any commissions.

Thibaud - CoFounds TFTW GmbH