How to setup International Mail shipping options in Shopify when using USPS Flat Rate Envelopes

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For our international customers, we would like to allow them to select from either USPS International Package Rate (which is weight based pricing), International Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope or International Express Mail Flat Rate envelope. 

When setting up our Shipping default rates in Shopify, the only option is weight based across all categories (package, priority, or express)   That means  our customer will be shown the higher, weight based price for international priority/express mail, not the cheaper Flat Rate Envelope price  we use to send out all of our international orders. 

Does anyone know  a workaround for setting to Flat Rate Envelope pricing for international priority/express mail options ? We appear to be getting a lot of international abandoned carts due to the high and false pricing that Shopify automatically displays for weight based Proirity/Express mail.  (And, no we don't want to pay extra for a third party app, when clearly this should be an option in Shopify as it certainly is a option when buying shipping from the USPS).

Thanks so much !!