How to skip a shipping fee of a product when bought with another product?

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I'm about to start selling big framed pictures and also small postcards. They are both in a different profile for obvious reasons. And I don't use the weight of the products as I don't know them all. Now, when someone buys postcards + a frame, they have to pay both shipping fees at checkout, although it should only be the one of the frame. How can this be combined?

Example: Postcards ship for 5.95 to Denmark, a frame is shipping for 17.95. When bought together I now end up with a shipping cost of 23.90. But I can put the postcards in the packaging of the frame, so it should only be 17.95, for both products together. 

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You can check out the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that would help you achieve this using the skip product feature. As a first step, you have to create two product types in Shopify for your products. Then, you have to create shipping classes for these products with the same product type name in the app. Once this is done, you can use the skip product feature so that, you can skip the shipping cost of one product when combined with the other.

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