How to use an international carrier, and can customers track shipping progress?

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My company is interested in selling products internationally. We have a partner 3rd party logicstics company who will get our products to other countries. My question is, how do I link that to my Shopify store? Also, how can I let the customer see the shipping progress from within their user accounts on Shopify? (Do I need some kind of app?) Or is this something Shopify doesn't control/can't do?

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Hi there!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for reaching out to the Shopify community here with your query. :)

I've been looking into some possibilities here for what you have outlined, and there are a couple of things you can try.

We have a fair number of apps already in the store that deal with logistics and fulfillment as you describe, though a lot of these are designed for use with a specific chain of shippers/logistics services so they might not cover your specific third party service.

I'll give you links to a few here anyway so you can take a look into them and maybe reach out to the app developers to see if you can work together on something that will service your needs.

Check out ShipwireThink Logistics or Tracktor to see which, if any, of these would suit your needs.

You can also look at Whiplash or Fulfillrite, though again; these would seem to be geared towards specific fulfillment services and may not be the correct solution for your 3rd party service.

In that case, I would also maybe reach out to the developers of any of these apps to see if they might be able to create a solution that is more useful to you. You can contact any of them using the contact form right there on the app store pages.

Other than that; it might be an idea to look into creating a custom app with a developer or coder who has worked on something similar before?

You might be able to find some help here from developers or other members of the community who have handled something like this here before? :)

Or you can look into hiring an Expert Developer from our Experts community to work on a custom solution for your specific needs?

Hope this info is useful and you get started down the road to fulfillment satisfaction!

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Hi, based on your situation. I believe a tracking app will help you.


Introduce from Parcel Panel:


Track order by email and order ID, or tracking number:


Parcel Panel support 646 couriers worldwide.


Shipping process bar in tracking page: