How to view status of all shipments at one time?

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Seeing order status for all at orders at once is the main goal!

For some of us, as Walleye points out, especially in the case of this year's USPS meltdown, the next step is to proactively reach out to customers who haven't received an order for an extended period and give them an update. If there's anyway the delivery status can also be included in the Orders export function, that would be really helpful. That is, so we can export a spreadsheet that shows order, delivery status, and the email addresses of the customers so we can directly email them or load those addresses into a bulk email.

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We have heaps of issues where a package has shipped but then gets delayed in transit for some reason (or lost) and no easy way to see that. Please add status to a report rather than having to pay for yet another app.

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Hi @Julie,

This is a basic, but important, feature that we all need.


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I would also like to vote for the feature to view all the delivery status of my orders. 

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Count my company in support of getting this feature developed ASAP.

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This feature is a must,

Thanks Julie

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Upvoting this feature request

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Please add to the list.  We need this data exposed.

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I’m kind of losing faith that they’ll do this. Seems like such a basic feature but I guess it’s not that important. 

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I'm honestly concerned that this hasn't been implemented yet. It's such a crucial and important feature that it should be standard for a paid application such as Shopify. Yes, there's a market for developers to have such added functionality but this should be inclusive out of the box. If additional attention is needed to have this implemented, we can work on bringing attention to the lack of this feature.  However that would bring a negative amount of attention to the Shopify platform, which is not my intent.  Please, just add the feature to the platform.