I have a issues with shipping, I sell a dropship product

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Hello can someone help me what to do I sell a drop ship product for 29,90 to ship that to united states I set that free but for the same product that ship worldwide is shipping $25 I can put that up in the price because of people from the united states will pay also more for that product so do someone know how to do this free or what can I do ?

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Hi @Parati! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Were you able to figure out what to do with this? I noticed that you posted this on the 6th of June last year and you might have already found an answer for it. Regardless, I'd still be glad to chip in some advice.


First off, I'd like to know what dropshipping app you're using to source out products from? $25 is quite too much for shipping and I feel like even though you add this to the actual price and go with free shipping, your product would still end up being expensive. Which is why I asked what platform you use for your products - there are other options out there that give you access to products at affordable prices with reasonably priced shipping fees. Similarly, it would also help to source out from a supplier that's based in or is near the country of residence of your target audience - besides reducing shipping fees, shipping times also end up being faster. Luckily for you, apps such as Spocket offer these - so I want to ask as well, have you had the time to check it out?


Take this product from the US on our catalog for example - if you're shipping to the US, it'd benefit you greatly to find a supplier based in the US. If you view the shipping information, shipping times are generally fast and fees are reasonably priced:




Hope this was able to answer your question! Also, if you're interested to know more about Spocket, you can go ahead and visit the official website to do some exploring of the many features it can offer you and your store. Please also feel free to respond to this should you have questions - hoping you could check the app out and sign-up to become a member!