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i need your help with codes, I need to connect payment option,i cooperate with “Interkassa” campaign and i need to make a test payment,but they said that I should put this code in the code of the site on the page where the payment will be made, in general, this is the whole implementation that I need. 

I need to add this code , on which page i can add it?

<form name="payment" method="post" action="<a href="https://sci.interkassa.com/" target="_blank">https://sci.interkassa.com/</a>" accept-charset="UTF-8">




<input type="hidden" name="ik_co_id" value="5eee58271ae1bd51128b457a"/>




<input type="hidden" name="ik_pm_no" value="ID_4233"/>




<input type="hidden" name="ik_am" value="1.44"/>




<input type="hidden" name="ik_cur" value="uah"/>




<input type="hidden" name="ik_desc" value="Payment Description"/>




<input type="submit" value="Pay">





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Simply adding a form is not a full payment integration if it's not supported by shopify or facilitated by an app.


Either way you would probably add that to the /cart template, or if you are on a shopifyPlus plan then your allowed to added it the checkout templates.



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