IMS/WMS/MRP software with advanced kitting/BOM features

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we are looking for cloud-based IMS/WMS/MRP/ system necessary for the primitive process of simple assemblies and kits and processing all the sales/purchase orders and customers pipelines.


We are company assembling to order in a very small volume (not assembling to stock) and we are looking for the assembly, disassembly functionality in the multilevel BOM structure and automatic calculation of the theoretically available stock level (that can be assembled and also disassembled on the allowed BOMs) to synchronise via API to Shopify.


Before reading the next text, please check the attached picture in link bellow that shows very simply the right calculation of available qty we are looking for.



Hope it makes sense. Unfortunately, we can not still find the functionality we are looking for, therefore I will mention just the functionality we can not find in another system as rest of the modules are very similar across all platforms and we do not have some very special requirements.




The final BOM structure needs to be a combination of the BOM assemblies at the bottom structure and multiple levels of kits at a higher layer. Each layer should calculate the available qty as the sum of physical on-hand qty in an allowed group of warehouses of itself + theoretical qty that can be assembled from subcomponents (to be exact, from total available qty of the subcomponents/sub-assemblies/sub kits.)


In the higher levels, it needs to be just multilevel kitting (kits that contain other kits) with no on-hand qty. The total available stock level thru all these BOMs should be automatically synchronised to Shopify that distributes our products into another marketplace.



As we store on the shelf some physical assemblies, that can be converted into another version, we want to set up which assemblies are allowed to be disassembled (this allows us to make the subcomponents available to create another BOMs).


Example: the same as assembled computer with smaller HDD can be converted into another version of computer assembly  after exchange the HDD for bigger), we would like to track the physical count  of these physical assemblies in the stock level and allow the system to increase the  available qty of used subcomponents from the stock level that is physically included in this BOMs on hand = make the subcomponents available to create another version of BOM. This available qty should not be transferred by manual work orders, but automatically 24/7 by actual stock level.



The assembly/disassembly work order can be automatic or manual once we receive the sales order, important is to get the total available qty of each part/assembly/kit we are able to sell  thru all the layers of BOM/KIT structure to Shopify which needs to be connected via API as master and inventory system would feed the price + stock as master.


In the final result, Shopify will always have automatically calculated total available qty of KITs we can sell even if we had to disassemble some assemblies with on-hand qty.



In the final stage, the picklist needs to show a list of the components and assemblies included in our kits to be packed (not just the top-level kit name).


Can you recommend any inventory system that supports this? I have tested most of them and not found single one, that would meet this requirement.


Thank you.


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Hi @pango 


From the info you provided, I believe Trunk should do you what you need. Please check out the example Material components in Trunk's help article here:


In short: Trunk will calculate the inventory from your components/assemblies and sync that in real-time to Shopify. You can create really complicated assemblies as well (assemblies of assemblies, etc).


Feel free to stop by our website @ for more info. I'm the founder and developer and can help answer any questions you may have.


⚡Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, Squarespace, Square stores with Trunk
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Hi, thanks for answer. Unfortunately this is not a solution. This is a very
basic single level kitting functionality included in every single inventory
system. We are looking for multilevel BOM providing the qty to shopify as
sum of on hand qty + can make qty. The can makw qty needs to be calculated
again from total available qty of sub bom (same calcultion), not just on
hand qty.