Im not a buisness

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hi. Im not a buisness im just selling my art and photos on print on demand products trying to not die this winter. I am on disability benefits that arent high enough to survive by itself and cant get a job. im not allow to have a small buisness but im allowed to sell my art online for a few months during the holidays and etsy and redbubble have screwed me so i need this website.. Shopify seems to be pushing for buisness adress and phone to give to customers or it says they wont process payments???? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS>>?? ive put so much money and work in, i NEED this website to survive. but i am homeless and cannot allow people to have my adress or cell number. how do i change these settings? and get shopify to accept payments? i need to start running facebook ads asap so this needs to be fixed IMEDIATELY.