Immediate payouts from Shopify account

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Hi Shopify Community!


We are developing the service that will enable Shopify merchants to get money immediately after a sale, and you won’t have to wait for the Shopify payout schedule.


Is this interesting for you? Feel free to share your thoughts or any feedback re the idea!


If you are interested in trying out, please join our waiting list on the landing page or just drop me an email at We are looking for 20-30 Shopify users who can help provide feedback on the idea and eventually become beta testers for us.


More info on our page: 


Thanks for your time!

would that result in multiple transactions into a chequing account? My business account has limited # of transactions a month and once paypal, shopify, mastercard, visa, interac, AE and interac tap all deposit 30 times a month each, I get awfully close to the limit or transactions.  I don't see much need to have or request immediate deposits on singular transactions. WAY too much work for the book keepers

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Hi Shawn!


Thanks for sharing your concern. 


Three points here:


1) These advanced payments are part of our business banking solution and we do not consider them to work separately. In any case our banking will not have any limitations for money deposits.

2) The transactions will be made as advanced payments and will be canceled right after the Shopify payout comes. Thus they will not appear in a bank statement and create mess.

3) Besides advanced payments we want to make automatic bookkeeping and partly accounting for Shopify store. So maybe be you will not need the book keeper at all.


Visit our website for more info


What do you think? Will this work for you?




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I’m interested. What are the next steps?

I am very interested in this as well. My business is a multi vendor market and it relies on instant seller payout so I need the money from Shopify in my PayPal account immediately so I can ensure that sellers will always be getting their money.

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I am interested please get in touch.