Important Dropshiping Questions!

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Hello everyone!

I have a few questions about Dropshiping. As I am new to this I would like to know:

1) Is it worth looking for suppliers from aliexpress, do you recommend any other sources?

2) What does the GDPR issue look like in the subject of customer personal data because without a contract I can not send them customer personal data?

3) I need to write down a contract with the supplier?

4) Whom should the data be on the parcel at the sender's location because in the case of return the address must be to supplier but the name of the company, email etc.. Can be my?

5) I can send my client my own invoice / sales confirmation without starting a business (at the beginning) so that I can do it myself and not by the supplier?

6) How is it best to check the seller's authenticity and integrity?

Thank you in advance for answering questions, I know that there are a lot of them, but I think that if an experienced person comments on this topic in the comment, many beginners will benefit from it, so I am asking for specific answers :)

If you noticed that I didn’t ask a key question, I would be grateful for the information in the comment, and if there is any person who has knowledge and could help me, I would be grateful for information in priv.

Greetings and Wish you all successes! Sondere

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Hi @Sondere,


Nick here from Shopify. Welcome to the world of e-commerce and great questions!


Let's take a look and answer your questions below:


  1. AliExpress is a great place to find suppliers depending on what you want to sell. If you are planning on selling via dropshipping on Shopify you can see a list of the verified suppliers with Oberlo, Shopify's partner here. AliExpress is a supplier with Oberlo also, so it gives you a choice of AliExpress and many others in one place. 
  2. GDPR is very important so great to see you have brought this up and are looking to make sure you are covered in all facets of it. The GDPR protects the fundamental rights of individuals within the European Union in relation to the processing of personal data and would involve consent more than a contract of sorts. Shopify has a helpful document on GDPR and how it affects you specifically which you can see here
  3. This is something which would be different for every supplier, maybe some suppliers would need you to have a contract but others might not. The best thing to do is research and find some suppliers and once you find a supplier you like to talk to them directly about what you would need to do business with them. Generally with Oberlo you can buy multiple different products from multiple suppliers through the admin as each order comes in. Generally a customer would buy the product from your store and you would then buy it from Oberlo. You can find out more about how to order AliExpress products via Oberlo from here
  4. This is a fantastic question. Suppliers rarely agree to accept returns, our recommended approach is to have the returns sent to your office instead. 

    If the product is not damaged or used, you can reship it later from your own destination. Oberlo also has a blog post with everything you need to know about returns and refunds that you might find useful here

  5. I'm not 100% sure what you mean here exactly. Do you mean, are you able to send invoices to customers if your business is not yet registered? If you could elaborate a little more on what you mean here exactly and I can look into it further for you, that would be very helpful. 
  6. If a supplier is on the verified supplier list which I linked above, then you can feel confident that the supplier is a trusted one and you would have nothing to worry about. 

I think something which might be very useful for you is the Oberlo dropshipping FAQ help document. It goes through many different important factors to consider when starting an online drop shipping business. 


I hope this helps and answers your questions and looking forward to hearing from you. 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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