In-Store Pickup and Shipping in same order

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We are offering a free in-store pickup as well as shipping within the US.

Some of our particularly delicate items cannot be shipped and have been added to our "Pickup Only" shipping profile. This prevents them from being shipped when they are ordered on their own. Customers can only select in-store pickup.

However, we have discovered that if a customer has a shippable item and a pickup-only item in their cart, they can proceed with shipping and are not warned that they have a pickup-only item. Is there any way that we can have them receive a warning? Or have their entire cart be pickup only if they have one pickup-only item in it? 

We're planning on opening today and only just discovered this, so a quick response would be very much appreciated!


UPDATE: We have figured out how to have customers who have a cart with a shippable and a pickup-only item receive the warning "Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order" if they try to ship. This may be all we need. But other suggestions are still appreciated!