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Hello! I am very new at this, still building my first store but almost done! I was testing some products at checkout and for some reason its telling me that I don't ship anywhere. Screenshots below. My shipping zone is set up, and I chose all carrier rates. Honestly I don't know what I am doing so I just chose basic rates from the three major carriers and skipped over the expensive next day air and stuff like that. Just trying to do standard for now unless anyone thinks I should just click on everything (the air seemed insanely expensive).  Either way, I have multiple carrier rates chosen, but It says I don't deliver to Florida??? I tried with several other states, I don't deliver to Oregon either or even my own state of Washington. It seems like I don't deliver anywhere yet my shipping zone is clearly set for the united states and my ship from address is clearly my own address here in Washington. I've been fiddling with this for hours and have no idea what to do. Currently my store is open and customers cant check out. 



  I hope its a simple answer right under my nose that I just dont see like it usually is, any help would be great!!! 

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Hello @Rowantree,
 If the customers are unable to checkout from the cart page, they can see the message with the title “review your cart before checkout”. This message is because the few products in the cart are not qualified to ship the products to the locality where the customer is trying to place an order.

When processing a checkout you'll need to ensure that your shopping cart matches that of the shipping rates you have created within Settings/Shipping.

If you have already set up the shipping zones and still not getting the option to checkout, an alternative way is to create a shipping profile for each product or add all the products under a common general shipping profile under that add shipping zones and shipping locations by zip code and name respectively.

You can have a look at the answers in the thread to understand how the shipping for certain areas works. 

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