Include prepaid return shipping label with order.

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Does anyone send return labels with shipment?


I want to start sending return labels on most of my orders I ship.  You can create a return label on Shopify and send it and only be charged if customer uses it. It's only USPS. But is this a good solution?


If i create a return label, will the customer's order status page change?  I know that you can send and email, and copy a link of the return label, but i don't want to create one if the order status page on the customers end changes or lets customers know that i created a return.


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Do you ship with other carriers as well?


If you are using FedEx, try the Shopify FedEx app which will help you create return labels along with the forward labels for your orders. You can create them automatically for all items or manually for the required items and send them to the customer via email if required. 


Also, there are other apps as well like the Multi Carrier shipping label app, which will help you create return labels for other carriers like DHL.

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