Individual commissions paid to customer... is it possible with Shopify?

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I am setting up a business in which people will send their items to us and we will sell online, once the item sells a percentage of the sale would go to the original owner(basically selling on consignment).

So in this business model we have two customers. Customer X that sends us their item to be sold on consignment online, we then sell the item to customer Y. A portion of the sale would go to us(company) and another portion goes back to customer X.

My question is... Is there a shopify app that can do this? basically users(customer x) that would like to sell their used items would have to create an account with us and they would request a payout from the goods that we have sold, the commission that they earned would go directly into their bank account or paypal account.

Is there and app that can handle this business model? If not is this difficult to get set up as a customization?


Thanks in advance for your help on this.


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Hello Kevin,

Not many people are doing this model of marketplace since as a merchant you would assume all risk of fraud, item quality and customer support while retaining only small margins of profit on individual items.

For example as a merchant you would be open to chargebacks. Consider if Person X and Y are the same person and they sell / chargeback the same item

With Shopify our platform is open, it would be very possible for any developer to build an app to track commissions, payouts etc for a marketplace. The design of this would be done via an app that works in sync with your Shopify store. 

Shopify is completely amenable to this type of ecommerce site however, and it should be possible

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I just added a new feature to a merchants custom version of my Transparent Kitty where you can run a date range report on sales. It calculated commissions due to each account for the date range selected, and then pays out the correct amount due on the commission via a Dwolla Account. Dwolla is very nice and much easier to use than Paypal as a source of payments. You simply upload the Dwolla file generated to your account, and boom, your commissions are all paid.

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Hey Kevin,
Did you end up finding a solution that helped you setup consignment on Shopify?
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