Insufficient postage on USPS shipping labels bought through Shopify,

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Hi All, 


I was wondering if anyone else was having shipments bounced for insufficient USPS postage when the labels have been bought through shopify. This has happened to me twice in a row now.


The first time it was returned to my address and I ended up just buying postage at full rate at the post office because it took two weeks for it to be returned. I was lucky in that my customer was understanding but he got his order nearly 3 weeks after ordering which is not a good look. 


The second time the order made it to the out of state post office but USPS would not release it to my customer without paying the remaining postage. I refunded the customer the difference because they paid what shopify shipping calculated in good faith. I even weighed the package beforehand and overcompensated for weight when buying the shipping label. 


Has anyone else been having trouble recently with shopify USPS shipping labels? I didn't change any of the packaging or shipping settings for months before this started happening and these settings have worked without issue for a long time beforehand. Ease of shipping is one of the main selling points of being on this platform but I can't stay if I have to fix shipping issues on every order. 


Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


- Calvin