Insurance when activating with Canada Post + Requesting Refunds For Late Delivery

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I recently switched over to Canada Post Via Shopify. Before this i was doing everything manually. 

I called in today to ask if our shipments were covered to the full amont when using Canada Post via shopify regsistrar and the response i got was that shipments were covered up to $100. This concerns me because alot of my orders tend to be more than $100 and this could cost the company if there is an issue in the future. 

Another concern i have is requesting a refund for late shipments. I understand that Canada Post and shopify have an agreement and am wondering if my customer number with Canada Post is still valid. I went thorugh Canada Post refund request form to submit a refund tonight using my original customer number but i do not know if it will be accepted. 

Hopefully i can get a response from a shopify expert regarding my concerns as i believe there still needs to be work done to this platform.



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The Parcel Services Customer Guide is available at Domestic: The price of additional coverage will increase from $2.20 to $2.25 per $100 declared value.

USA/International: The price of additional coverage will also increase from $2.20 to $2.25 per $100 declared value.

You can opt for coverage by using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app


If you are looking to get refund for your shipments, ideally after after the delivery has happened, i am not sure Canada Post will be providing refunds. Even if they provide it, this cannot be automated using any app as Canada Post API does not have provision to ask for refund for late delivery. However, refund can be provided if the order has not been picked up.

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