Integrate DHL ECommerce Shipping Rates?

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As my title suggests, I'm trying to figure out a way to use DHL E-Commerce shipping rates with my shop.

Shopify recently added DHL Express, but that is still a minimum of 1lb and generally is around $30.

My store offers smaller items, and I lose a significant amount of business because I just can't affordably ship out of the US. DHL E-Commerce will allow me to do that easier, but so far I have been unable to find a good integration with Shopify.

Any ideas?


Hi ghead,

Our new app, Intuitive Shipping, is integrated with DHL. While we don't currently offer DHL E-Commerce, that would be a great integration that we would be happy to add.

If you're interested, please email our developer at and cite this thread so he can get working on that for you :) 

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We do have integrations with DHL Express and DHL Paket. Our Multi Carrier Shipping label app has multiple carriers which you can use and ship with. DHL Ecommerce integration is something which we are interested in. Would like to discuss with you on this. 

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