Integration with PayPal is broken for Russia -- is there any way to set it up manually?

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Hi all,

I am not sure if folks at Shopify are aware, but integration with PayPal is completely and utterly broken for Russia. When I try to grant shopify access to PayPal, PayPal sends me to a form that is not functioning at all. 

Is there a way to set up PayPal manually, without using automated process?
(e.g. can I add Shopify on the Paypal side directly, or may be I can use NVP/SOAP (Classic) APIs?)

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Open new paypal account in russia
2. Provide paypal with all required paper work for KYC

3. Get account approved/verified and ready to go
4. login into shopify and click on Settings -> Payments -> "Activate PayPal Express checkout"
5. Get trasferred to PayPal and Login
6. Paypal requests additional business info + shows check box to "allow shopify acceess...."
"allow shopify access to your account""allow shopify access to your account"
Click next to provide info about the industry and site address



The "Next" button doesn't work on this screen due to a bug. There is no way to move beyond that stage to grant Shopify access.

Once again, PayPal account is activated, and "industry" field has already been filled. It is just that PayPal RU thinks that it is still needs to be provided and the form itself doesn't work.
I've reached out to paypal and they seem to be aware of this bug but didn't really offer any solution.