International Shipping to UK and VAT

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I have a US based store and have started to ship internationally.  I have shipped to Italy and Canada without running into any customs issues, however I recently shipped to the UK and had to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) for the customer because I was unaware that would be an issue.  Is there a way to know the VAT ahead of time so that can be included in the cost of the product and shipping?  I'm sure there is an app out there that would take care of this for me, so any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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You should take a look at the FlavorCloud app in the Shopify store. It enables merchants to ship from anywhere to anywhere and enables DDP shipping. So the app calculates customs duties and taxes at checkout, as well as low cost shipping rates and allows merchants to collect the full amount upfront from the customer and takes care of the rest