International Warehouses Fulfillment

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Hello all!

Our store has 3 different Warehouses in 3 continents. We want to make sure that an order, placed from a specific country, is assigned to the warehouse that can fulfil it. We use FBA Shipping for US and API connection for our warehouses in China and in Europe. Since Shopifys primary setting is to have a hierarchy for locations, the orders won't be automatically fulfilled correctly. We are currently using a custom app, that does not work properly, so I am looking into other options. Is there anyone else out there with this problem and how do you operate the different warehouses and incoming orders?


Thank you for any tips and answers!

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Hi @LivinFarms ,

Order Fulfillment Guru allows you to set up advance order routing rules to automate and simplify multi-vendor order management and fulfillment.

The app supports these integrations:

- Send orders via email / web portal
- Send orders via email / web portal + prepaid shipping labels
- Send orders to Shopify
- Receive orders from Shopify
- Send orders to ShipStation
- Send orders via API