International and USA local shipping control

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I am running my shopify store but mainly selling through ebay to USA only. Now I am planning to sell from my shopify store Internationally. I am planning to dropship items from AliExpress internationally but also want to give option to USA buyers to buy products from USA local stock, if the dropshipper has USA stock available. I want below option:


If Item is available to ship from China and USA both, I would like to show only USA at the checkout if the buyer selected the "Ship From USA" option from item description. If buyer selects "Ship From China" then I want to have option to select all other countries, but not USA, at the checkout. This will ensure that the USA customer will get their items from local USA stock and will save significant amount of shipping time.


I tried to split the item import from Oberlo based on "Ship From" and add them twice, one with "Ship from China" and other with "Ship from USA". I tried to purchase from both but it shows all the countries at checkout. I have already create shipping zones of USA (with only USA in it) and China (with rest of the world in it) and have Multi-Location settings enable on my store.


Is there a way to achieve this? I believe if we can control this through the shipping zone then it might be possible. for example, if buyer is selecting "Ship from USA" while adding the item in the cart, shopify should automatically assign it to USA Shipping zone with only USA available at checkout. And if buyer is selecting "Ship from China" then shopfiy should show them rest of the countries at checkout, but not USA, since it is out of this shipping zone.


I need urgent help as I am ready to start marketing but want to make sure everything works as I want.