International customers paying VAT fees on our store but not from other stores

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Our international customers have brought to our attention that our products are being held at the post office where they have to pay VAT fees in order to collect them. To be clear this is VAT fees and not customs duty fees as VAT Fees in Ireland are @23% when over €22. Custom fees only incur over €150.


But they have pointed out that this is happening to our products and not from other stores even when they pay more from the other stores. Both our stores are based in US and the customer is in Ireland. 



Our store product total $35/€30.88  - VAT Fees @23% = €7.10

Other store product total $70/€61.76 = No VAT fees



The other store sells clothing merchandise and use USPS, just like us. My question is what are they doing differently that doesn't require VAT fees to be paid on arrival?


Is it pre-paid somehow? Could someone please provide some insight on what we would have to do so our customers dont have to pay VAT at the door. Thanks.